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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Schneider Tanzanite Ring

Schneider Tanzanite Ring. Trillion-cut dark violet blue zoisite (var. tanzanite) (12.11 ct) set in platinum with 1.89 ct tl wt round diamonds.
Photo by Chip Clark. Click to zoom.
Catalog Number NMNH G10184-00
Locality Tanzania Ca.
Weight 12.11 ct

Gift of Mark and Nancy Schneider in 2001.

This beautiful 12.11ct tanzanite gemstone is set in an award-winning platinum and diamond ring designed by Mark Schneider. In 1967, violet-blue crystals of the mineral zoisite were discovered in Tanzania. Tiffany & Co. marketed the new zoisite gems under the name Tanzanite, and since its discovery, the gem has steadily increased in popularity and value. This fancy-cut triangular tanzanite gem exhibits the prized deep sapphire-blue color with highlights of intense violet. This extraordinary ring is the first piece of tanzanite jewelry accessioned into the National Gem Collection.


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