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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Photograph of a group of fluorites from the National Gem Collection showing a range of colors
Photo by Chip Clark. Click to zoom.
SpecimenCatalog NumberLocalityWeight
FluoriteNMNH G3626-00Illinois, United States32.7 ct
FluoriteNMNH G3877-00Illinois, United States353.8 ct
FluoriteNMNH G4269-00Illinois, United States104.3 ct
FluoriteNMNH G4270-00Illinois, United States111.24 ct
FluoriteNMNH G4875-00Illinois, United States86.9 ct
FluoriteNMNH G4934-00Western Cape, South Africa57.8 ct
FluoriteNMNH G7905-00Korea492.14 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8089-00Colombia105.28 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8095-00Asturias, Spain105.36 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8096-00New Hampshire, United States229.26 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8098-00England, United Kingdom118.74 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8101-00Illinois, United States118.5 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8106-00South Africa99.8 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8108-00England, United Kingdom203.35 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8140-00Korea83.02 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8426-00England, United Kingdom42.52 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8452-00South Africa104.03 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8436-00Elmwood Mine, Tennessee, United States847.4 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8810-00Uri Canton, Switzerland48.6 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8876-00South Africa273.7 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8911-00Illinois, United States69.81 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8971-00Elmwood Mine, Tennessee, United States84.66 ct
FluoriteNMNH G9037-00New Hampshire, United States268.89 ct
FluoriteNMNH G9206-00Elmwood Mine, Tennessee, United States900.21 ct
FluoriteNMNH G10059-00Wise Mine, New Hampshire, United States237.2 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8104-00New York, United States24.2 ct
FluoriteNMNH G7911-00Namibia52.8 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8103-00Colombia69.31 ct
FluoriteNMNH G8094-00Tanzania234.59 ct

The great variety of cutting styles exhibited by these fluorite gems is a consequence of many factors, such as the size, shape, and depth of color of the original rough, the ultimate planned use of the gem, and the skill and whim of the gem cutter. Fluorite gems are popular for their great variety of candy-colored pastels, but they are generally too soft and fragile to be used in most jewelry. However, because of the large sizes, affordable prices, and interesting cuts, fluorite gems are a collector’s stone. This selection of fluorite gems is from the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Namibia, England, Colombia, and Tanzania, ranging in weight from 24 to 900 carats.



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