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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Dragonfly Box

Photograph of a Medvedev intarsia box (NMNH G10042) from the National Gem Collection
Photo by Chip Clark. Click to zoom.
Catalog Number NMNH G10042-00
Locality Argentina

Gift of Steven and Debra Daren in 1994.This object was designed by Nikoli Medvedev.

The Dragonfly Box was created and designed by Nikoli Medvedev and is an outstanding example of intarsia, or stone inlay. The box features a rhodochrosite (pink) stalactite slice from Argentina as the centerpiece. It is surrounded by an intricate pattern of azurite/malachite (blue/green) from Bisbee, Arizona; sugilite (purple) from South Africa; turquoise (blue) from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona; Australian white opal; and malachite (banded dark green) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The inside of the box has a slice of picture jasper from the U.S. accented with birch, cherry, and teak woods as well as a yellow gold dragonfly stop and hinge.



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