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NMNH Geology Collections Data Portal

View and download standardized data about the geology collections held by departments of Mineral Sciences and Paleobiology at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.

Keyword Search

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Query paramaters

Request data via a GET request using the parameters defined below:

keyworda general keyword search
irnthe internal identification number for a specimen
guidthe EZID for a specimen record
sample_ida sample identifier assigned to a specimen (catalog number, field number, IGSN, etc.)
location_idthe internal identification number for a collection event record
classificationthe name of a type of rock, mineral, or meteorite
countrythe name of a country
statethe name of a state, province, or territory
minethe name of a mine
sitethe site/station number for a locality
volcanothe name of a volcano
agethe name of a geologic time period
unitthe name of a stratigraphic unit
expeditionan expedition or survey
collectionthe name of a collection or collecting unit
has_mediaspecifies whether returned records have associated media. One of true or false.
schemathe abbreviation for an available schema. One of abcd, abcdefg, dwr, or simpledwr.
limitthe number of records to return
offsetthe index of the first record to return
formatthe format in which to return the data. One of csv, html, json, or xml.
bcpspecifies whether to include the BioCASE protocol wrapper. Ignored for HTML requests. One of true or false.
dsathe id of an available dataset. If empty, all available data will be included in the search. One of nmnh_mineral_sciences_collections_data or nmnh_paleobiology_collections_data.

Use the advanced search to try more specific queries.

Special values

Most parameters accept the following special values:


Supported schemas

The following schemas are currently supported:



You can download the first 1,000 records from any search as a CSV file in the Simple Darwin Core data format using the csv link in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Larger downloads are currently not supported on the website. However, you can use the minsci command-line utility to download larger record sets from the portal as CSV if needed.

You can also grab the following XML archive files in the ABCDEFG standard:

Using the BioCASE Protocol

More complex queries can be made using the BioCASE Protocol. To submit a request using this protocol, use the form below or submit a POST request containing {'query': xml}.

Limitations and incongruities

Webservice and BioCASE search requests

BioCASE capabilities requests