NMNH wordmark

NMNH Geology Collections Advanced Search

a general keyword search
the internal identification number for a specimen
the EZID for a specimen record
a sample identifier assigned to a specimen (catalog number, field number, IGSN, etc.)
the internal identification number for a collection event record
the name of a type of rock, mineral, or meteorite
the name of a country
the name of a state, province, or territory
the name of a mine
the site/station number for a locality
the name of a volcano
the name of a geologic time period
the name of a stratigraphic unit
an expedition or survey
the name of a collection or collecting unit
specifies whether returned records have associated media
the abbreviation for an available schema
the number of records to return
the index of the first record to return
the format in which to return the data
specifies whether to include the BioCASE protocol wrapper. Ignored for HTML requests.
the id of an available dataset. If empty, all available data will be included in the search.